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Important: The offsetting of the fingering holes allows for easier playing of this style of instrument and have been designed for RIGHT handed players using the right hand to cover the lower fingering holes. Please select LEFT HANDED in the drop-down menu below if you prefer your flute to be created for left handed use.
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Are you disappointed by not being able to play the extraordinary, beautiful sounding, versatile Anasazi flute and suppress your own desires to play by listening to and watching those who can?

Many flute players find it frustrating when they pick up an Anasazi flute because they can't get even a squeak out of it. Well, here is your chance to pick one up and start playing immediately.

If you are concerned about not being able to play because you have a beard that prevents you from forming the necessary seal at the embouchure ('fipple') end of the flute; not to worry! This flute has been designed to cope with this situation and more. Similarly, you may feel your chin is not shaped suitably to obtain the necessary seal or for you to get your lips in the best playing position but this problem has been dealt with. Vance has designed this flute with all these scenarios in mind.

The simple addition of a specially designed plate at the 'fipple' end of the flute solves all the problems you may have experienced before. It is important to realize that the addition of the specially designed plate does not destroy, eliminate or interfere with the flute's ability to play those wonderful harmonics and overtones that the Anasazi flute is famous for.

The flute displayed is created from Cedrela which a beautiful wood from the Mahogany family. If you would like a custom flute created in another wood please contact me at waking-spirit@waking-spirit.com or call (503) 397-1242 for pricing information.

G# Anasazi Flute Sound Clip.

Price: $175.00

plus Shipping and Insurance for Contigious United States.

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Dear Vance,

Just a note to let you know that my flute arrived today.  I appreciate the super fast shipment!  The flute is exquisite.  Beautiful craftsmanship and sound.  I'm very pleased with the purchase.  Will probably speak with you in the future about a custom flute order. 

Thank you and God Bless.


Hello Vance, The flute has arrived safely and looks better than the picture, and sounds good too, it'll take my small fingers a bit to adjust to the stretch, but its awesome!

Thank you very much! and take care



Topics include

The History of the Anasazi flute
Kokopelli and the Anasazi flute

How to Hold the Anasazi flute
The Embouchure
Tips for Getting your First Note
A Basic Exercise

The Anasazi flute major pentatonic scale
The Anasazi flute minor scale
The Anasazi flute extended scales
'The Anasazi flute does not give up its secrets easily. Its sound, however, is unforgettable. Until now finding information about how to play the Anasazi flute has proven to be almost as difficult as learning to play one. Very little information exists. Virtuoso Anasazi flute performer Scott August guides you through all the aspects of mastering this marvelous instrument and giving you a head start to begin playing like a pro! Learn how to produce your first sounds, discover its many scales, and explore techniques to quickly improve your playing while learning the fascinating history of this captivating instrument and its first virtuoso, Kokopelli.'
(Scott August)
Fully illustrated with over 18 photos and diagrams

Kokopelli's Flute -
The Complete Guide to the Anasazi Flute

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