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Play Along Series

Amazing Grace Piano

For Native American Flute

Song Book with CD of Backing Tracks for every key of Native/North American Flute
(Meeting the demand of Flute Players Worldwide for something they can play their flutes along with!)

Piano with Strings Accompaniment

Amazing Grace CD & Tabs
Includes Professionally Created CD of Backing Tracks for All Pentatonic Flutes -
A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#.
The backing tracks (only) can also be used with Diatonic/Major Scale flutes
This special music book and CD has been formulated to allow you to play this wonderful tune to the enchanting sounds of an instrumental backing track.

Each tune on the CD has been recorded in different keys to match your flutes so all you need do is select a flute from the 12 different keys and play. There is also a track that demonstrates the melody line you will need to play to match your choice of backing track.

All the backing tracks have been specially recorded to sound like a stringed orchestra playing behind you and to make it easy for you there is a musical count in so you will know exactly when to start playing your flute.

Demonstration of Melody Track(with introduction)
played on Piano.

Actual Backing Track (sample with introduction) to Play your
flute to (1 of 12).

It's really is all so very easy. Just listen to the demonstration track, select the key you wish to play in and play away. You will sound like a professional being backed by a beautiful, stringed orchestra.

All fingering charts are produced for conventionally tuned Pentatonic flutes (Traditional/Contemporary tuning - modes 1 & 4) and for multi-mode tuned instruments.

CD Included with 2 Sample & 12 Backing Tracks

Music Score with Flute Tabs
All the CD music has been professionally created,
arranged and recorded by flute maker Vance Pennington,
of Waking Spirit Flutes', at his Burning Tree Recording Studio, Warren, Oregon, USA.

'Amazing Grace - Play Along Series' is published by Waking Spirit Productions.