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"I was fortunate when I discovered this Flute Shop Window and purchased a flute from it. When it arrived and held it in my hands I could not believe the absolute quality of the instrument. The flute is the finest flute I have in my collection.

Beautifully created to the highest standards of craftsmanship, I have seen none better! The tuning is superb and it plays with just the smallest amount of breath. I didn't know a flute could be so easy to play! The sound quality and voice are absolutely first class!

Vance Pennington, of Waking Spirit Flutes, is not just a 'Flute Maker' he is a Master Craftsman at creating this instrument. A labor of love for him and a creation beyond comparison for me!"

A fine selection of Xiaos, Shakuhachis, Bansuris, Dizi and Phi Flutes can be found at World Flutes

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