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I just received my Loon flute over the weekend. Another masterpiece!!!


Dear Vance,

The flute is absolutely gorgeous. How to rightly thank you is beyond me.
Thank you, I shall treasure this Magical Beauty for as long as I live.
Many Blessings to you and yours,


Vance & Marby,

Received the flute today and just had to let you know that it arrived safely. It is
exactly what I had hoped for and the quality is even more impressive in person. It is a
delight to hold and very easy to play (even the half fingered notes). The beaded flute
wraps compliment it perfectly and they too are expertly crafted. It is a treasure to be
sure and I look forward to many years of enjoyment from this instrument. Thanks so much.


Hey Vance and Marby- my flute arrived today- safe and sound; and above all- BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I can see now that the Anasazi does not give up it's wonderful songs easily; but I am getting notes out of it, (in fact- the entire scale), but I can also see that I am going to have to spend some serious time with this baby to make it my own!  That's what I wanted anyway.....  Thank you for your exquisite workmanship!  The Claro Walnut was a great choice!!!  Also- the sheet of getting started is very helpful!!!   Marby, you were great with customer service and Vance- keep up the outstanding workmanship!! 

Am I understanding that the softer the blow, the fuller the sound?  Seems that way.   Once again, many thanks for a job well done!!   We will be doing more in the future!

Wes Bayers

Hi Marby

I received my beautiful wraps today thank you. They are more beautiful than expected. They will fit my flutes very well.

Your leather is beautiful also, certainly better quality than what I have here.

Wow they are fantastic. And now I know that I will not be trying to make some myself, I had purchased a cheap loom ages ago with the thought that I would make some for myself.

Not a chance after seeing how beautiful yours are and how intricate they are.

Thank you I am just so happy with them.



Dear Vance,

I have received  my new flute from you today. Oh!!!!! I love it very much.  I like the wood and fine work you did but even more is the sound of it. I love the crisp sound of each note. I will cherish and play it a lot.

Thank you very much,


Hi Vance,

Your flute arrived here yesterday healthy and in best shape.

My warm thanks for this master piece. It does not only look very special with the Albatros birds, it also has such a beautiful tone! And what I like best ? and miss in a lot of other flutes ? is the low breath pressure it needs to sound full and properly in tune. I like to play my flutes in a relaxed, a bit mystical way, bringing out that way the magic I like so much in the Native American Flutes. For this, your flute is absolute perfect! Thank you very much! I don't believe it'll be the last flute from you!

Keep on doing your good work!

With warm thanks and best regards.


Hi Vance & Marby,

Just wanted to say Thank You both so much. I am so very pleased with everything. The flute looks and sounds amazing. I put Marby's beaded wrap on it when i got it Friday and it just completed the flute so beautifully. I was so impressed with the finish of the flute, best I've ever seen. And ofcourse the amazing clarity and sweet tones just blew me away, what a voice!!! Oh and the bags are going to be great.

Ahh yes, and I also have to mention what a great job you both did getting everything out so quickly.

Thank You

Love & Blessings,


Hi Vance.

After Researching the Native American Flute and Flute makers I chose you to Create my 1st  Flute.  I am a Life Long Drummer & Percussionist and the Flute was something entirely new to me.

I was very intrigued by the Native Flute after meeting & seeing Gary Stroutsos Play .   After ordering & receiving my 1st flute from you  a Beautiful Purple Heart  (Middle  G)

I  was amazed by the beauty of the looks, feel & sound that was coming out of this instrument. I was also shocked that I was actually making decent sounds quickly. I believe this is due to the fine Craftsmanship that was put into creating this Flute. I was hooked immediately.   I am finding this new outlet to be Creative, Relaxing & Inspiring.

Since then which was only 8 months ago, I now own 6 Flutes from you and would like some more.

Just like I have  a True Custom Drum maker of my choice I now also have a True Custom Flute maker  as well.  Thank you Vance for your Beautiful  Instruments and Thank you Marby for all your help over the Phone..  Thanks again..


Hello Vance

Just a note to tell you my Spring Flute arrived today.  I am so very pleased.  It is stunning and masterfully crafted.

My husband could not wait until I put it down for a moment so he could hold it and hear the flute?s voice.  I guess he will have to get his own!

Many thanks to your wife.  The beaded wrap and matching leather ties compliment the cedar very nicely.  The flute bag is perfect.

Thank you Waking Spirit!



Hi Vance!,

Just a note to tell you my Spring Flute arrived today.  I am so very pleased.  It is stunning and masterfully crafted.

My husband could not wait until I put it down for a moment so he could hold it and hear the flute's voice.  I guess he will have to get his own!

Many thanks to your wife.  The beaded wrap and matching leather ties compliment the cedar very nicely.  The flute bag is perfect.

Thank you Waking Spirit!

Hi Vance and Marby,

I just wanted to thank you for putting up with this sometimes over enthusiastic, budding NAF student . You have a great and peaceful spirit for working with your clients. I was also thinking that I should let you pick the right flute bag for me. You still can if not too late.

Again, thank you.


Dear Vance,

Just a note to let you know that my flute arrived today.  I appreciate the super fast shipment!  The flute is exquisite.  Beautiful craftsmanship and sound.  I'm very pleased with the purchase.  Will probably speak with you in the future about a custom flute order. 

Thank you and God Bless.


Hi Vance!

I just picked up my flute from the PO! It's stunning & plays so beautifully! You did a superb job! I'll be heading out to the prairies to play it after work.


Hi Vance,

Thanks so much for creating the Song Bird low E for me.  I am certain that it will be as wonderful sounding as the Pennington Eagle Head G and Song Bird low D currently in my collection.  I will email you when it arrives.

Hi Vance,

The E flute arrived in today's mail in great shape.  I played it for a couple of hours this afternoon; and, it certainly is a wonderful sounding instrument -- hits all the high notes very well.  I like the construction with end cap, thicker walls, and custom finger holes for small hands.  I also appreciate very much the attractive koko flute bag.  I have placed your extra business cards in my flute instruction handbook to give to prospective students. ......

Thanks so much for the E flute. 
Steve :)

Hello, Vance,

I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye over in Oakhurst, but I had the chance to play one of your Anasazi flutes (the turquoise model) and found it to be very playable with a lovely tone. It had a nice mouthpiece that was quite comfortable. I admire your craftsmanship and want to thank you for the courtesy that you've shown me at the festivals. My best wishes to you for great sales,


Greetings & Blessings

'I had my eyes on the Zuni Drone Flute for sometime and finally ordered one in the key of E. I was so impressed by the sound and workman ship that on the day I received the Zuni, I ordered the Alaskan Yellow Cedar Drone in the key of Mid A . Both of these Drones have a great voice, the workmanship on both Drones is outstanding, Vance did a great job of making these Flutes. As a performer I appreciate outstanding workmanship.'

Thanks Vance

Eagle Cloud

Hi Vance!

I love the new tunable flute! It has such a great, mellow sound to it. And it actually does tune! You are amazing and it will be invaluable to playing with other folks who have differently tuned flutes. I really like the E range too.

Thanks for another great flute circle too. I can't imagine a "funnier" group!

Love and hugs all 'round,


I had to work late, today, and I expected I might have a delivery slip so I could pick up the package tomorrow.  It wasn't in my mailbox.  When I got up to my apartment, though, there was the box, standing up, with a sturdy rubber band holding the top end to my doorknob.  What a nice surprise, and...

What a spectacular flute.  Even having seen the photograph of your earlier version on my computer, I wasn't fully prepared for such a perfect work of art, so beautifully executed.  The way the quilted grains of the maple and walnut change with every slight change of the direction of the light or the angle of view, the perfect finish for that, and the very classy golden wire bands make this flute a study in elegance.  The sound is warm and rich, even better than I had hoped, with wonderful volume and projection. The response is incredible and immediate.  The maple block on the walnut makes it want to fly ahead of me, too, just as I had hoped it would, and perfectly balances the whole design. Even the brown case with blue logo make a perfect compliment to the flute. Thank you so much for your care and attention to detail, and for making this 'special' version. Now, I have some flying to do. Aloha,

Aaron (Hawaii)

Hi Vance,

It looks and sounds beautiful, as always!


Dear Vance,

The Anasazi flute arrived today in perfect conditions!
I must tell you that when I've opened the package and seen for the first time the flute I've got astonished about the beauty of it, I really did not expected that the wood together with the feathers could be so beautiful! The red-pink flames of the Box Elder are so spectacular!

Thank you so very much for this amazing flute!

I like the the wide bore, it's just perfect for me.

About the flute's voice I've just played it a little bit with both embouchure techniques, the one for shakuhachi and the one for Turkish ney, to see how different it sounds.

I must say that for now I like more the sound of it when I play it with ney's blowing technique, it really has a mysterious ancient and sweet sound in it, amazing!


Dear Vance,

Your flute has just arrived yesterday. It's a wonderful instrument which I really enjoy to play.
Thank you again for your great work!



Dear Vance -

The F# Verdi Song Bird Flute arrived safely, and I feel blessed to have this incredibly beautiful instrument, which has been created through your hands.   Your flute responds so gracefully to. . . well, to the breath of life that it awakens in me.  Your craft is a great gift. You've also finished this instrument with care and skill.  What a pleasure to touch and hold.

I am grateful, Vance, for the privilege to play your instrument.

Thank you so much,



I received the flute today in good condition. It's large than I expected and very handsome. More important, the sound is excellent.
Good work. And thanks.

-Rick A.

An email received about the Play Along Series.........


I got them today and they are EXCELLENT!!!!!   Please add me to your e-mail list for future CD's.

Rick A


Received the harp today and to say that I love it is quite an understatement indeed. The craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail show in every place I look on this instrument, and once I made sure it was in tune, it was truly an effortless transition from playing from the heart on a flute to playing on a harp. The music came so easily that I couldn't help but use it to record, since I had been planning on playing some 'get well' music for a friend earlier today. What better than to use than a brand new instrument?

Attached is the piece I recorded for my friend, and if you would like to use it on your page as a demonstration of the Sensory Harp with standard tuning, you are more than welcome to do so!

With kindest regards and best wishes,
Ryan McClendon


I received the Flute and the books yesterday (Saturday).  THANK YOU.  The Beauty, Quality, and Sound is beyond my words.  You are a true artist.  Even the bag blew me away with the wolf embroidered on it.  THANK YOU.  I have a lot more to learn to be able to play it the way I would like.  I wish you the best in your business, and look forword to passing your name on, and purchasing other flutes in the future.


Hi Vance,

I was sleeping in this morning; up until 4 a.m. playing one of my flutes, when a knock at my door woke me up.  It was the mail carrier wanting me to sign for my new Waking Spirit flute.  I quickly opened the package to find one of the most beautiful flute creations I have ever seen.  I tied the totem on to give it a test drive; and, the notes are incredibly pure and clean.  I am amazed how smooth and forgiving it is to play. 

Thanks so much for creating your wonderful instruments. 


The beautiful Native American Celebration of Life flute that you made for me has brought with it the spirit of its name and its maker. The ancient wood now releases its incredible fragrance, and with that a clear and resonant voice.  Your craftsmanship is extraordinary.  I am delighted to have this reminder of my beginnings in the Pacific Northwest in such a fine object.  The colors, the whale block and the sound all go together as an organic whole.

I look forward now to practicing with it to really explore the modes.  It already astounds me with the ease of playing, accuracy of pitch, quick response, and range.

When it arrived at the office, I just couldn't wait to open the package.  I quickly adjusted the block and played it to the surprise of some of my colleagues.  A person who was in an office where she didn't see it first said she thought some spirit was coming toward her.  Yes, that's what I thought the first time I heard a Native American Flute.  Now, it is at my home, in a slightly warmer environment, for which you had tuned it, and it sounds even more resonant.  You have truly created a masterpiece of sight and sound.

Thank you so much.


Dear Vance:

A short note.

I hope your Summer has been good and everyone is safe and healthy.

I am still playing my flute (not very well) every morning.

Often, a few weeks after purchase, the owner can get what has been  called "buyer's remorse". A feeling of regret with the purchased item. With the purchase of your flute, NOTHING could be further from the  truth. After playing the flute and admiring its beauty, I silently compliment myself on the purchase.

I should add that as I own my flute, I slowly discover all the little quality details you built into this instrument. Recently, I spotted the embroidered name on the inside of the flute bag. Just another  thoughtful addition of quality and care.

Thank You,


Hi Vance,

I just wanted to let you know I'm still enjoying the Anasazi flute! It is a really nice instrument!  Have you any done anything with the Hopi flute yet ? I think you were had mentioned it just briefly in a previous email !!! I know I would probably want one in the future !!!!!     

Blessings Mike

Good day,

Wanted to let you know that the Kokopelli flute is awesome and way beyond any of my expectations.  Thank you and the Creator for such a wonderful creation. Its spirit is captivating.

Lots of blessings your way and may the Creator watch over you both.



I just received the flute this afternoon and I must tell you this Native People's Circle of Hope Special Edition is magnificent. The Alaskan Yellow Cedar with it's accent  of purple heart and zebra woods is impressive. The turquoise will remind me how precious this flute is. I am delighted with the Whale Totem, as I believe the whale is the keeper of history and  its secrets.The sound is enchanting and pleasing, you're right ... it doesn't take much breath to play. Vance, this is my third flute you have made for me, and each flute is a masterpiece in it's self. You are certainly a master flute maker. Thank you for this instrument. Please give me best to Marby.

Your friend


Hi Vance!

Flute arrived today and it is fantastic!! A true work of art and shows all the love and care put into it.

I know the flute is great because I am a neophyte flute player of just a few weeks and the sounds are so clear from this flute.

Every note of the Dance Mask Flute rings true.

Again, thanks for the craftsmanship and elegance of my flute, I will be ordering others.

Yours in respect and admiration -


Hello Vance,

Thank You So Very Much! The flute arrived in excellent shape. It is not only beautiful workmanship, it feels wonderful in my hands.

Together with the woods voice and my air, the sounds we make comfort my spirit. Again Thank You.



Good morning Vance!

I have just received my Purpleheart "Sunset Eagle Spirit Flute" It is a Master Piece!

Of all the sites I looked at, it was the vibes that led me to yours. I know I have a long ways to go before I can play the way I want, but in just a minute with it, I realized that my Flute and I are as one!

WOW! Such a wonderful instrument!!!!!!!!!

May the Great Spirit be with you and all your loved ones.


Vance Pennington is one superb flute maker!

We have purchased seven beautiful flutes from him. All of them play in perfect concert pitch, which is very important since we usually play duets and harmonize. His flutes also play excellently with guitars, piano, trumpet, violin and keyboards, all instruments we play in our concerts.

Vance Pennington crafts his Waking Spirit Flutes not only out of various cedar woods, but also out of many hardwoods. Artists who seek the full range of possible flute timbers will find them in these instruments.

Vance's artistry and mathematical precision used to produce his flutes are to admired. He is continually perfecting his flutes, and he stands out as one of the most dedicated Native American flute craftsmen making flutes today.

We are most fortunate to have Vance Pennington as our flute maker. We highly recommend him to everyone who desires to own or play a clearly superior Native American Flute.

The Open Dorr's
Don and Shirley Dorr

Hi Vance,

The flute arrived safely today. It is beautiful and I can't wait to get a chance to really play it. I played it for just a short time to hear how it sounded and I am impressed. Thank you for a beautiful flute, both in looks and sound. Also the flute sock is just what I wanted. Your wife even picked the right bear. Once again thanks and I will be buying from you again.


Hello to you both.

I am holding a beautiful flute in my hand - better put it down to type.  And yes - it arrived safely!!!!  Vance - it is wonderful - what a sound.  Unpacked it right there in the post office parking lot.  And had to play it immediately to the nearby trees.  Lovely sound this Earth Day.  I feel so fortunate to be the one to take care of this flute and to attempt to free its music.  It's a special one. I send congratulations on your work - and my joy of sharing in it.




Thanks again for the prompt service and great flute!

Thanks so much and this will not be the last flute I purchase by a long shot!!


Hi Vance,

My flute arrived safe and sound. You did a really fine job on it. The wood choices do go together pretty darn well, too. The whole flute is beautiful, but I think what catches my eye more than anything else is the block. Even though the pictures do capture its likeness, it's much more impressive in person. It really captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. . . .  It is a first class instrument; I'm impressed.

Thanks for making me such a great flute, Vance. I'll be talking with you again. Take care.


Dear Vance and Marby,

I wanted to let you know the flute arrived today and it's beautiful! I've already played it some and it's voice is exquisite and the design exceptional.



The flute arrived.  It's beautiful and I appreciate that you were able to get it to me so soon.  The sound is wonderful.  Once again, Wado!



I received my flute at my office address last Friday. IT'S  BEAUTIFUL!

I have also since received John Vames instruction guide and CD.  I have already started practicing.  I LOVE IT!  And can already play 'Amazing Grace'.

Just wanted to say thank you for creating such an impressive work of art and exquisite sounding instrument.  I'm really thrilled and very proud to own one of your creations.  Maybe someday in the near future I'll send you a MP3 recording of my amateur playing.   The sock is perfect - just what I wanted to help protect my instrument.

BTW, any chance of receiving an official certificate of authenticity from you for your creation? Just wondering.

Warm Regards,


Dear Vance and Marby,

I just received the Flute and it is beautiful! Your craftsmanship is excellent!

Thank you both for your hand-holding through this process. As soon as I can produce more
than three notes in a row consistently I'll send you a CD!

Much love,



the Alaskan yellow cedar wants to play by itself! Using just the hint of breath, it's so lightweight it plays like a breeze......... it wants to dance, and wants me to follow -- almost magical! Could you reserve another piece of the Alaskan cedar for me (hopefully from the same stock and close to the wood used in my flute) to be made in 2006?  I like the low tones, and think I want an F# or Bass (?) flute....


Good morning Marby and Vance.

Beautiful morning here. . Guess what I have here next to me? I have honored your flute in my own unknowing fashion - and then slowly breathed air into it. It has wonderful beauty! Sweet, rich, yet private somehow - doesn't invade the air, but merges with it. The sound is almost a scent. How can I thank you? Amazing to hold the unity of a whole flute as it was meant to be in your vision. And this wood is lovely. So much rich curl to it.. . I stopped playing to come in here and let you know it arrived safely. Now I will enjoy it a little longer. We have a play opening here tomorrow night. Many last minute details to do today. But I will split those tasks with music. By the way - As I may have said before I am relatively new to the flute. But from the first note, I somehow felt I could be true to it. Best of days - and so many thanks -

Y. R.


Good morning. You are wonderful. What have I done to deserve such special consideration from you? You understand how delighted I am at the thought of your flute and you know, don't you, what a welcoming home it's coming to. There is such anticipation of the music of an unknown flute, sent by an artist you trust. You have made this morning very special by your e-mail. May I wish you a day with as much joy as you have sent to me. I would be honored to keep in touch. I certainly will let you know when the flute arrives.

Gratefully - Y.R.

Hello Vance.

I am really thrilled to think I will be able to hold one of your flutes and hopefully do it justice. Happily I am beginning to recognize the really fine flute artists, and so I look forward to the privilege of having one of yours. I have just found out that I won the bid for the F#m, and have sent funds through PayPal. Thank you again for all the e-mails answering my questions and talking about your art. If you truly don't mind - I would be very happy to have a Raven totem rather than the Eagle, as I mentioned in an earlier question to you. I have just finished a production of a play entitled, 'TIL THE CROWS COME HOME. It was a special experience and I would love a Raven in honor of that. Your flute will be coming to a very appreciative and welcoming home.

My thanks -  Y.R.

Just a quick note to tell you that Olivia loves the flute you produced and already is playing it quite easily. . . Thanks again for the wonderful musical instrument!


Dear Vance,

I just arrived home, and found my flute waiting for me.

With great anticipation, I unpacked it and placed it to my lips. Words cannot adequately describe the joy I felt, as that first beautifully clear note issued forth!

You've done a remarkable thing; you have made the sound 'perfect', while retaining the distinctive (and indescribable) qualities that make this flute very unique.

You are truly gifted, and I thank you for saving and improving this beloved instrument. The repair work blends flawlessly with the original wood, and as I've already stated, the sound is heavenly.

It was a great pleasure dealing with you and Marby, and I can tell you that my next flute purchase will definitely be a 'Waking Spirit'. I can only imagine the quality and workmanship of one of your original creations...

Respectfully Yours,


Hi Vance,

My flute arrived this afternoon,GREAT WORK!! I played it for about 10 minutes.With the one adjustment I've produced tones I have not been able to do with two adjustments. Many thank's.


Hi Vance,

Flute arrived safe and sound. Beautiful with a wonderful voice!

I'm taking my new flutes to show my father when I visit my parents. He's always asking if any are made of Holly. I never seen them before, though I never really asked anyone about it. Now I have a wonderful one to show him.

Best regards,
Richard S.

Hi Vance

The Exhibition flute arrived tonight and I am just delighted. The workmanship is wonderful!

I played for a while getting the feel for the finger touch and for the breath control to manage the range of the drone between upper octave and the low drone. It is a joy to play. I will keep you posted on my progress with the CD.

Kim & Maureen Weaver

A follow up

Hello Vance & Marby,

... My wife Maureen is my biggest fan and my music collaborator. She loves the sound and the physical beauty of the instrument. We will send a sample as we get more confident with playing this remarkable flute.

Kim & Maureen Weaver

I also have been blessed by the kindness, warmth and friendship from you and Marby. No matter what paths I will be traveling on in the future, I know you and Marby will be there for me.


Hello Vance,

Thank you for the follow up. The flute arrived in perfect condition. The flute is beautiful and plays beautiful. Unfortunately, when I open the package, I was only allowed to play it for 10 minutes. It is a Christmas present from my wife and she made me put it away until then.

Anyway, I am very satisfied. It was was a pleasure doing business with you and I will likely do it again.


Hi Vance,

I just got the flute. I wasn't here at the house yesterday when they tried to deliver so I went to the post office today to pick it up. Let me describe the post office: very large lobby with 20 foot ceilings, and stone walls and floor. The box had a little damage so I opened it there and was glad I did. It is perfect! And that huge room sounded like a cave. I had an immediate audience and the flute sounds awesome and is beautiful to behold.

Thank you for the beautiful flute!


Hi Vance,

The flute is just amazing........such artistry and superb craftsmanship is not commonly found. My cousin will love it I know.....don't be surprised if you hear from her later too. We are both excited at the prospect of learning to play these magnificent instruments together. It will be healing for us and will always bring pride, pleasure and joy to know that these beautiful instruments were made especially for us by someone as uniquely special and terrifically gifted as you.

Thank you for so generously sharing your special love of these instruments, and your gifted talents with us.

My warmest regards and deepest thanks to you and Marby.

Take care of each other and be happy.


Hi Vance

The beautiful flute arrived today. Your work is wonderful! Although I am used to a shorter flute, I always wanted to try the longer, deeper toned flute. I am having a bit of trouble with comfort with the longer reach and spread of the finger board, but I am sure all will be well. I just need a bit more time to accommodate the finger reach.

Again, thanks for your swift shipping, and I am honored to finally have one of your sacred flutes.


Hi Vance,

SUBJECT: Waking Kokopelli's Spirit Flute With Inlaid Turquoise Cabochon Stones. In  the key of F#.

Just a quick note to let you know that the Waking Kokopelli's Spirit Flute, with the inlaid Real Silver Banding, and the Turquoise Cabochon Stones Inlay. In the key of  F#. Signed Edition: # 1 and Flute Stand arrived today, in impeccable condition.

The wood and the craftsmanship are superb; your workmanship is truly a gift and is not to be rivaled by the other Flutes that I have seen for sale in my travels. It is absolutely exquisite! The flute is beautifully made, and with its Unique Flute Stand, is a real work of “Art”, a real “Museum Quality” Flute, with such incredible attention to detail, it could and should be on exhibit, and not played.

The photograph of the Waking Kokopelli's Spirit Flute on your Web Site does not do justice, as to actually seeing the Waking Kokopelli's Spirit Flute in person. The Turquoise Cabochons Inlay truly added a special touch. It is a real honor and pleasure to own this wonderful piece of skillfully executed art.

Thank you so much for your excellent work and for all the time that you have put forth in the design of this Special Flute, as well as the Unique Flute Stand. I will always treasure this flute, and I look forward to working with you on my Cougar Flute.

All the Best,

Ric P. Spiess

Hi Vance,

Just want to let you know that the flute arrived yesterday.......it is absolutely phenomenal! This flute is so beautifully made, with such incredible attention to detail. It is so lightweight ......the turquoise cabochons are the perfect touch......I'm so happy that you made this amazing instrument for me!! What a pleasure to own this wonderful piece of skillfully executed art.

It has such an amazing 'voice'.......just the softest breath is all that is required.........
As you know, I'm a complete novice and I'm so pleased......privileged... that you made this flute for me. I will always treasure this flute............Thank you!!!

Kindest Regards,



Just received the Red Cedar flute .. It is beautiful ! It is magnificent !!! After unpacking the flute I was eager to play ... Oh my ! my grip and fingers fit like a well made glove.

In a second, I was playing my favorite tune. The sound is perfect, just what I've been searching for and now I really understand the saying 'you do not choose a flute, rather the flute chooses you,' even from a long distance as Oregon to New Mexico.

Vance, your workmanship is exquisite. Rest assure that your flute has found a good home, an appreciative player, and I'll play the flute with pride.

Thank you so much.

A friend from Edged


Good Morning Vance!

I have my flute and words can not describe how satisfied I am! The sound glorifies my Creator and the beauty of the flute is just awesome. I am so thankful to you for taking such great care of this flute. Vance, I am just overwhelmed. This is one Indian that is dancing and singing. Now I hope I can learn something on it. As you know I am a beginner and I want to work it in with the praise team band at my church! Thanks,
Peace and Love,


Some extremely interesting information from a customer who purchased his first 'Waking Spirit' Concert/Recording quality flute:


My flute - Northwest design F# - arrived yesterday and I am blown away. I have not seen such craftsmanship as this.

First of all, it is stunningly beautiful. When I first blew into it with a 'ta ta ta du dooo' I was shocked that it didn't respond very well. I looked at the flute and my heart sank. The true volume, tonality, and responsiveness evaded me . As I soon discovered, it required much more subtle breath control and finger technique than I was accustomed to. The problem was me and not the flute. It demanded a lot, but, as I was to find out, it will give a lot when properly handled. 

Charlie Wayne (Native American Flute Player & Recording Artist) told me that concert/recording quality flutes are that way.

I felt the flute was teaching (demanding or just simply refusing to accommodate my fumbling) me what it wanted in terms of finger accuracy and breath control. Within an hour or so, I found its true voice and it was beautiful. So crisp and yet such sweet notes. Inexperience is very difficult to overcome in any worthwhile endeavor. 

This inexperience, bad technique (I am as yet self-taught with no one around to correct me), and playing with less quality flutes had lulled me into a long list of unknown sloppy techniques, but this flute made me rise to a different level. Now I have to work harder for the consistency that I hear in so many good players. I feel inspired by this flute to delve deeper into theory and technique than ever before. Experienced hands will probably snicker at all this though Charlie Wayne assured me that he could relate.

I summary Vance, I am extremely pleased and inspired by your creation now in my possession. I am saving money for the next one. That curly maple bear flute is looking mighty fine to me.



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