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Flute sold on Ebay.

I have heard so much wonderful things about your flutes, I cant wait to receive mine. Thank you for the opportunity to buy one of your flutes at such a great price.

R. H.

. . . Thanks for your help, and for making the best sounding and looking flutes.



The new flute arrived today in great shape. The workmanship, like that on all of the other flutes you've made for me is excellent, and the silver inlays add a very nice touch - wonderfully done. I haven't had a chance to spend any quality time with it, but so far it sounds & plays great. I'll be in touch later about another flute, I'm considering another maple flute in the key of A.

Best! R.B.

Hello Vance!

I picked up the flute from the PO today. It's beautiful. I'm looking forward to learning to play it. Thank you so much!!


Email Subject: Completely Overwhelmed.


It's perfect. Thank you.


Hi Vance!

I did get the flute- it is very beautiful and I know my son will love it. Thank you SO Much!!

Have a very happy holiday!!


Custom Low D Minor Flute


Thanks again for one of your outstanding flutes. You truly are a master flute maker! The tone, of course, is perfect. And, the fingering is quite comfortable. I do really like the wood you chose for this . The spec sheet is a very nice touch.

Have a great weekend , and stay warm :) . I'll be playing this flute...

G. F.

Reworking an unplayable flute made by and unknown flute maker.

Dear Vance:

What a transformation you have created in the re-working of this flute. This flute had been about as much fun as blowing through a paper towel roll (wind tunnel) to once again playing an instrument with a song to sing. You DO have a magic touch!

BTW (By the way), I had dinner the other night with C. S. - she purchased your 3130G flute - she's in the flute circle here and we are looking forward to our next 'flute loop' to play our Waking Spirit flutes together.



Received the new flute yesterday in excellent condition. It's really perfect, and a real treasure. The workmanship and choice of woods, as expected, is excellent. The tone, tuning, and volume is all one could ever hope for - perfect.

I own 11 flutes, including the E flute I purchased from you last month, and they all get played at least an hour or two a week, but this one is really hard to put down once I've picked it up.


Hello Vance,

I like your new web site! Enjoying the Shadow Catcher immensely!

Do you have a low D, or at least lower than F cedar flute? Looking for very simple, no ornamentation necessary. I like the original bird block with the 3 holes for the tie. If so, what would be my cost?

I have many flutes, and without any question at all , your flute is the finest sounding and has the best playability. Never wets out or has tone alterations even in slight temp changes. What's your secret ? :)

Maybe something like the design of the Dream Catcher? Very simple , but with your outstanding tone and workmanship. Still attracting wildlife with your flute.

Interestingly, my other flutes don't seem to have that sound which attracts deer, birds, etc. like my shadow catcher.

It seems to also have a natural slight vibrato. Part of the design goal ?

Thanks, Vance.

Kindest regards,


Hi Vance,

My flute bag arrived today, safe and sound. I am very happy with it. The material is gorgeous and the bag is a perfect fit for the flute. Many thanks to Adawehi as well.

Thank you so much for everything: your kindness, your amazing workmanship, your generosity of spirit. Know that my most prized possession, my flute, that can carry me through the worst day, came through you. I think we all want to feel that we have made a difference in this lifetime, and you have.

With great gratitude,


Dear Vance,

I am without words to explain how grateful and honored I am about this drone. It gave me chills the moment I picked it up, and the chills last for as long as I play it! That's all the words I have. CHILLING, can't even begin to explain how I feel. This flute is astounding, with so many songs in it that it totally amazes me. Such a beautiful voice.... EXACTLY the sound that I have been searching for!! Vance, I am absolutely without words. Please, dear friend, feel what I feel, my grateful heart, if you can. You are indeed a loving and generous spirit. I feel it in this flute, like I have no other before. The bears (Blocks) are BETTER than the heartline bear on the flute that I sent photos of. The heartline on the top front REALLY sets this flute apart, and has special meaning to me. I think you knew that when you made it though, right? The bears, again, are AWESOME. I could go on forever, and probably will, about this flute. Thank you, Vance, Thank you. Thank you for taking the time. Man, I can't wait to record this flute. It WILL BE on the (next) CD!

Charlie Wayne Watson (Recording Artist) - Click here to listen to Charlie Wayne's music.


Received the new flute today, and am very pleased.. It's a beautifully crafted instrument, plays easily, and in tune. The best thing, though, about the flute is the wonderful tone. Can't wait to get the latest flute that I've bought from you.

Hi Vance,

The flutes arrived safe and sound today and they are wonderful (as we knew that they would be!). . . Nathan's flute: well, we can't thank you enough for this wonderful flute. It is superb. The wood combination is exquisite and the sound is beautiful. I know that he will be able to play it very easily and that will make it very enjoyable for him.

Again, I can't thank you enough. You are truly a master flute maker and it has been a pleasure and honor to receive 4 of your flutes. We are blessed in finding you and your wonderful gift.



I just received the flute and it is so beautiful and sounds so great. I think that you do fantastic work and I really appreciate that.

Thank you so much for the prompt service and excellent communication. 

Julie in Florida


I have received the flute in good working order! The flute sings well. After smudging the flute, I played in my garden and a squirrel came and chattered along with me for fifteen minutes. I am most gracious for your fine work.


BP ' White Deer '


I received my new Waking Spirit Flute today. My wife ordered the 'Flying Eagle, Walnut Flute' in the key of 'D'. I thank you for the great packaging, I can tell that you honestly treasure your work. I respect that. The finish on the 'D' is beautiful, the craftsmanship, and quality is EXCELLENT!! When playing this flute, I am constantly amazed at the ease of note changes and tonality. There is no 'hiss' to be heard. (As a recording Artist, this is very important to me.) Whenever I buy a new flute, I ALWAYS, remove the bird/fetish, and tweak the flute to sound better. Your flute, I have not adjusted in any way. Also your unique design of the leather lacing makes this flute, 'One of a kind.' I own about 30 NA Flutes. When I perform live, I will use most of these, as I usually do about a three to four hour concert. I always start off with the same flute. That has changed since I have received your 'D' flute. I will always begin, and probably end, my performances with my Waking Spirit Flute. This particular flute was a wonderful birthday gift from my wife. I thank you both. I will treasure this 'Masterpiece' always. I Highly recommend Waking Spirit Flutes to all professional Flutists, as well as beginners. I will be sending all of my students to you for flute purchases. Why not, start with the best?

'Charlie Wayne' Watson
Desert Winds Productions

Hi Vance!

I am pleased to inform you that the flute arrived today right on schedule. I want to tell you that the flute is absolutely awesome and everything I had hoped for. The sound is wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better playing flute. Everything just fits! And as far as appearance, the flute is beautiful; a work of art. Thank you so much for your excellent work and for all the time in helping me decide which flute was best for me at this time. I look forward to working with you again on another one!


Hello Vance,

The flute arrived today and I just couldn't wait to send off an email of thanks! It is absolutely beautiful and I had no problems playing it the first time that I picked it up (and I've never played before!). The wood and the craftsmanship are superb, I can't possibly express my happiness enough in an email. This has been a wonderful experience, you are truly blessed with a wonderful talent. I am so appreciative that you kept me updated of the flute's status which made the arrival so pleasurable.

I had asked about a flute to harmonize with this one and one of your recommendations was a low C flute. My husband has shown a great interest in obtaining a flute for himself, especially after seeing and hearing the G flute. I was hoping that you could find the time to quote us a price on a low C flute. Can we order the White and Red Cedar 'Shadow Catcher' flute in a low C?

Again, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience and the beautiful flute.

K. W.

Vance- you continue to show more and more skill and workmanship in your flutes. I am amazed at the clear tone and beauty of my new flute. It is so special to me. Congratulations on the Columbus Symphony using your flute(s).They made the best choice. Thank you again with all my heart. Keep up the great work! Warmest regards to..........,

Hello Vance,

My flute came today. I am sooooo thrilled with it. It is GORGEOUS! I ran right up to my mom's and unwrapped it so she could see it for the first time also. She was impressed. She begged me to play a note so I did = just one note for her.....now I have to go down on the canyon rim where there is peace and solitude and learn to play it. THANK YOU SOOOO much and I am so very honored. You do absolutely AWESOME work - No wonder you are famous!!!! I will treasure and cherish it forever and keep it in a special place.

WOW!!!!!!! What a flute!!!! It has the most amazingly present voice I've heard! Beautiful pitch, tremendous dynamic range, and incredibly gorgeous!!!

How do you continue to come up with evermore amazing flutes?

You are truly a Master!!

When I took the flute from the carton I immediately felt its' spirit! I am still feeling it now, two hours later. It has a good and wonderful spirit inside of it. It has the most beautiful sound. It is just awesome. I love the block and the beautiful finish. 

It is so wonderful words are really not enough to express my feelings about this. I am simply filled to overflowing.


Hi Vance,

I got the flute, it sounds great and plays and feels really good! Perfectly in tune!
Thank you,

(Curly Maple/Walnut Bear Flute F#)

Hi Vance, this is an amazing sounding flute, feels and plays great, very nice work. I will order one of your cedar flutes off of your web site. Are they tuned just as precise? I know the cost is less on those but I'm sure they sound great.

Finally someone who cares about making a flute!

Thank you

From Jim:

Vance, I can't tell you how excited I am to receive your creation. I am certain by your writing, that it will be an extension of the heart, rather than just an instrument. I will be so happy to tell you of your flutes' debut, this summer with the CSO. We play an extensive summer season, reaching 5000 to 8000 kids on Friday nights, and 9000 to 17,000 adults on Saturday nights!! A wonderful avenue to introduce this amazing vehicle of expression, don't you think? I am a professor, musician, craftsman, designer of many tubas on the market, inventor of the Dent Eraser for brass instruments, a traditional archer, and now a native flutist of late!! I find amazing gifts inside through these instruments. I am so looking forward to bringing your instrument into my life.

Followed by:

Hi Vance, I wanted to discuss another flute from you, if possible. We may be performing Nakai's ' Inner Voices' with the CSO string section this summer. I do have a low C flute, but would be interested in one of yours for this piece. I will be playing some unaccompanied works on the flute that is on the way, too! I also have some arrangements that should fit the smaller flute, with strings and percussion. Let me know if a low C, concert tuned is possible.

J. A .


I appreciate your quick response. As I said before, others will hear about
your excellent service...as well as your beautiful flutes! I work at a
university, and when I show your flute to others, the usual response is,
Wow!....that's beautiful

Jim D.

From Gary:

Thanks for the wonderful flute received today, and the tone is outstanding. What kind of wood is used for the birds nest? Also, is the leather deerskin? What do you recommend to keep the leather healthy and supple? Is it safe to use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off the flute if it gets soiled? Please use my name if ever you need a reference from a prospective buyer. Thanks so kindly for an outstanding item of impeccable workmanship.

Hello Vance,

I received the flute yesterday. It is a work of art, and sounds as nice as it looks! Thank you for the excellent service also.

Dear Vance,

I received the flute today. I am always in awe of one of these when they are made by a master flute maker. Your workmanship is not to be rivaled. I can tell when some one does something from the heart, and not just out of habit. It is a shame that all of our things that we purchase, whether out of need, or for any reason cannot be made the same way. A few years ago, I purchased two flutes from Coyote Oldman. When I spoke with him, he told me that the flutes were what he called seconds. I was expecting some really Knotty flutes. When I received them, and still to this day, I am trying to find out why he called them seconds. I guess to him, like yourself, knows what perfection should be, and what your standards are.


This, in response to an eBay auctioned flute:

This is not a question. I just wanted to express my appreciation of this lovely work of art. The craftsmanship is fantastic. the sound is beautiful. As a flute maker myself I can appreciate this work. I have made a few drones and have always loved the sound.

Mike 'Wizard' Martin

Dear Vance:

The flute images delight the eye and spirit--can hardly wait to get my hands on these children. I am honored to be the recipient of these fine creations--you have served my needs far beyond my initial request or expectations!

I appreciate your time, gifts, and talents and will
play these with fond thoughts of you.

Best regards,


From Elizabeth:

This from Elizabeth after informing her that her special flute was on its way and was due to arrive that day:

......(I) jumped for joy this a.m. when I read the email. 
I will be celebrating on the tipi today, and playing with my herbal women this evening.

Thank-you again for your kindness. I will play the flute with prayer and celebration.

In love and light,

PS Great thanks and joy. Beth is thrilled. The woods will echo with the sounds of life and delight. - Tom (Elizabeth's husband)

From Rebecca: 

How talented you are! I really enjoyed listening to a small piece of ' The Gift ' . When that CD is ready I would like a copy of it. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with your web site. Your stained glass is very nice. I loved the Castle tour. I love castles. Your new flutes are beautiful. I am so looking forward to receiving mine.....

Also from Rebecca:

I received my Flute today as I was pulling out to come to work. I was so excited to get it. It is beautiful and I can not wait to get home and see if I can make a beautiful sound with it.

From Kathy:

I have been a flute player for many years. I had a purpleheart flute made for me years ago by a Native American flute maker which was very special to me. When I got divorced my ex husband smashed it and I have been looking ever since to find one to replace it - one that could make my heart sing again. I have recently found it in your flutes.

Thank you sooooo very much for making my heart sing again!!!!

This gift you have should be seen, held and felt by all!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From Leane:

..........The flute is really so beautiful - I absolutely love it. I love the sound it plays and how it is so responsive. It sounds great even with me playing it!! I have not seen cedar wood that color. I was wondering if the oil treatments change the color at all. It is a beautiful finish, very pretty. Thank you so much! Also thank you for the soft case! I was not expecting that! I am so glad to finally have my flute. I am very, very happy with it. You do have a great talent. I hope to do business with you again sometime in the future. I will watch your web site. In the meantime I will enjoy practicing and playing this beautiful instrument.

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