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Celebration of Life Flute

with North West Coast 'Tlingit' Tribe style Whale Block

Finest Quality, Hand Made

Celebration of Life Flute - Native American Style Flute
This message from a very kind and appreciative customer who purchased one of these flutes:
"I wanted to let you know the flute arrived today and it's beautiful! I've already played it some and it's voice
is exquisite and the design exceptional." (Signed J.W.)

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Wood Species
Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Solid Bore)
End Caps
Purpleheart, Zebra wood and Inlaid Turquoise
Purpleheart North West Tlingit style Whale with Turquoise Cabochon Blow Hole
Other Adornments
Concert at 72 degrees. A4=440 Hz.

6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary Tuning).
Also available
Please request by e-mail;

5 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary Tuning).

6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Multimode Tuning.

6 hole Diatonic 1.4 Octaves - with thumb hole for upper octave.

6 hole Diatonic 1.4 Octaves - without thumb hole. Over-blow for upper octave.

All flutes can be created in Verdi tuning (A4=432 Hz).

Click here for tuning charts

Price: $450.00

plus Shipping and Insurance for Contigious United States.

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