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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Drone Flute

Finest Quality, Hand Made

Zuni Drone Flute

Zuni Drone Flute
Zuni Drone Flute Blocks
Charlie Wayne Watson and Flute Maker Waking Spirit

Recording Artist and Performer 'Charlie Wayne' Watson (left) is seen here with his Zuni Drone Flute which he used on several tracks on his CD album which was named 'Waking Spirit' in my honor.

I was honored again when I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Wayne in Georgia earlier in 2004. This photograph was taken in his yard - just a few steps from his 'Desert Winds' recording studio.

Greetings & Blessings

'I had my eyes on the Zuni Drone Flute for sometime and finally ordered one in the key of E. I was so impressed by the sound and workman ship that on the day I received the Zuni, I ordered the Alaskan Yellow Cedar Drone in the key of Mid A . Both of these Drones have a great voice, the workmanship on both Drones is outstanding, Vance did a great job of making these Flutes. As a performer I appreciate outstanding workmanship.'

Thanks Vance

Eagle Cloud

Each flute is handcrafted from the very 'heart of the wood', so that with just the 'Breath of Life' you can make them sing.
Wood Species
Western Red Cedar
End Cap(s) . . . more
Banding(s) . . . more
Block (Fetish or Totem or 'Bird')
Western Red Cedar Zuni style Bears with Turquoise Inlace pattern
Concert at 72 degrees/controlled humidity. A4=440 Hz.

6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary) Tuning

Also Available in:
5 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary) Tuning - Special Order. Please email
6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Multimode Tuning - Special Order. Please email

All flutes can be created in Verdi tuning (A4=432 Hz). Please email for further information

(Click here for tuning charts and additional information- separate window)
Leather Ties
Finest quality, selected Deer Hide
Other Adornments
Turquoise Inlace 'Heartline' running from directional/tuning holes to foot of flute