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Mary Youngblood

Mary Youngblood

All photographs Courtesy of Charles C. King

Vance Pennington and Mary Youngblood
When Mary Youngblood generously agreed to give up her time to play for the Native People's Circle of Hope 'A Gathering of Flutes' venue we (the committee) wanted to honor Mary for her support in her effort to help raise funds to help cancer sufferers and survivors. The committee agreed that I was to have the honor of creating a Native American flute for her as a token of our appreciation.

I had the additional honor of presenting the flute I had created to Mary along with the Director of The Native People's Circle of Hope, Celeste Whitewolf (center).
Describing the flute to the gathering that it was created in Holly in the style of the Raven giving the sun back to the people - an infamous story that is rich within the culture and heritage of the people of the the Pacific Northwest.
Mary Youngblood and Vance Pennington
David Liberty, Vance and Mary
Mary shows her appreciation for the gift bestowed upon her by the Native People's Circle of Hope. Also shown in this photograph is David Liberty of KBOO Radio who was our wonderful Master of Ceremonies.
Our M.C., David Liberty of KBOO Radio, Portland, asked Mary to play the flute for all to hear which she agreed to do so graciously, filling the auditorium with her wondrous music - an added bonus that followed her magnificent performance.
Mary playing her Raven Flute

Thank you Mary for honoring cancer sufferers, survivors and victims as well as those who support the Native People's Circle of Hope organization.