Waking Spirit Productions
Vance Pennington - Flute Maker
Koko Waking Spirit Flutes

Waking Spirit Flutes teaching the art of creating flutes at Flutopia

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Devon and Jack
Jack and Devon
Paula, Rob and Fran
Rob, Fran and Paula
Devon & Jack working on their flutes.
Jack and Devon, hard at work!
Paula, Robbly and Fran working on blocks
Rev. Robbly, Fran & Paula working on their blocks.
Vance and Jack
Paula Campfire
Vance showing Jack that slow & gently gets the results you need.

Paula hard at work on her bridge.

Lew working on his block.
Our fearless leader, talking about how excited she was to be doing this workshop!
Other Staff Members
Smokey Paula
Devon, Vance and Jack

Some Camp Magruder staff joining in at the end of the day round the campfire.
Enjoying a good S'more with a little smoke!
Devon, Vance and Jack round the campfire.
Stirring the fire to get ready for more S'more!
Fearless leader Paula, Vance and Rob
Vance's Smore!
Paula, Jan, Rob and Fran
Rev. Robbly, Vance & the charging fearless leader Paula ....S'MORE!!!!!!

Vance reaps the rewards of his 1st S'more!

Paula enjoying a S'more and Lew is stirring the fire.
We had several guests stop by beause they heard the flute music. Including Rev. Robbly's wife Jan.

Jan playing the flute that Rev. Robbly created t this venue as a gift to his wife.
Devon and another couple that stopped by and took photos.
Jan, Rev. Robbly, Vance, Lew, Paula, Fran, Jack and Devon
Until we meet again! TTFN!

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