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Feather Spirit Flute

Finest Quality, Hand Made

Feather Spirit Flute - Native American Style Flute

Flute Bag is an optional extra
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Hi Vance & Marby,

Just wanted to say Thank You both so much. I am so very pleased with everything. The flute looks and sounds amazing. I put Marby's beaded wrap on it when i got it Friday and it just completed the flute so beautifully. I was so impressed with the finish of the flute, best I've ever seen. And of course the amazing clarity and sweet tones just blew me away, what a voice!!! Oh and the bags are going to be great.

Ahh yes, and I also have to mention what a great job you both did getting everything out so quickly.

Thank You

Love & Blessings,


Wood Species Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Solid Bore)
End Caps Zebra wood
Banding Zebra wood
Block/Fetish Zebra wood Eagle with Turquoise Cabochons
Other Adornments Zebra wood wooden Feathers
Feature Breath of Life Airway System (....more)
Tuning Concert at 72 degrees. A4=440 Hz.

6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary Tuning).
Also available Please request by e-mail;

5 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary Tuning).

6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Multimode Tuning.

6 hole Diatonic 1.4 Octaves - with thumb hole for upper octave.

6 hole Diatonic 1.4 Octaves - without thumb hole. Over-blow for upper octave.

All flutes can be created in Verdi tuning (A4=432 Hz).

Click here for tuning charts

Price: $400.00 - $440.00