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Native American (style) Flute Makers

This is an unbiased list of Native American style flute & Native American flute makers. Unlike some similar lists found on various websites, I do not presume to judge them as being 'reputable' or as those who practise 'bad business', or otherwise. Neither have I left out those flute makers who make such claims to obtain self-satisfaction by omitting some reputable and honest flute makers with the implication that they may not be reputable or who practise bad business.

When checking out a flute maker, as I strongly suggest you do, go to their testimonial and endorsement pages and read the opinions of customers and flute players who have actually dealt directly with the flute maker. Often, taking the word or implications of another flute maker is, as one may suggest, a way of attempting to destroy the character of a fellow professional or amateur flute makers for their own benefits and such false implications may not necessarily be in your best interest.

Many of the flute makers listed are good friends of mine but in the interest of fairness, honesty and good business practises to both customers and to all other flute makers, I do not highlight or favorably endorse them in any way. This is the true spirit of the World of the Native American Flute.

Amon Olorin Flutes
Flute Maker: Ken Light

Ancient Territories Flutes
Flute Maker: John Stillwell

Burning Wood Flutes
Flute Maker: Keith Oberdieck

Butch Hall Flutes
Flute Maker: Butch Hall

Catahoula Flutes
Flute Maker: Rand Rowe

Coyote Clay Flutes
Flute Maker: Paul Pitt

Coyote Oldman Music
Flute Maker: Michael Graham Allen

Custom Flute Shop
Flute Maker: Jeff Calavan

Dreamwind Flutes
Flute Maker: Lee Entrekin

Earth Tone Flutes
Flute Maker: Geoffrey Ellis

Earthsong Flutes of Australia
Flute Maker: Craig

Feather Ridge Flutes
Flute Maker: Randy Stenzel

Ghost Owl Flutes
Flute Maker: Dave Myers
Unfortunately Dave has walked on (October 2013). We will miss you!

High Spirits Flutes
Flute Maker: Odell Borg

Flute Maker: Jim Dunn

Jim Gilliland Flutes
Flute Maker: Jim Gilliland

Littleleaf Native American Flutes
Flute Maker: Charles Littleleaf

Lone Crow Flutes
Flute Maker: Leonard McGann

Meadowlark Flutes
Flute Maker: John Kulias

Mountain Spirits Flutes
Flute Makers: Danny Bigay and Kay LittleJohn

Nighteagle Flute Company
Flute Maker: David Nighteagle

Oregon Flute Store
Flute Maker: Jeff Calavan

Peaceful Sounds in Alaska
Flute Makers: Jason and Annett Leyva

Querencia Woodwinds
Flute Maker: Rich Halliburton

Raven Wing Flutes
Flute Maker: Frank Harter

Rick Heller Flutes
Flute Maker: Rick Heller

Shades of Rez Custom Flutes
Flute Maker: Tim Blueflint

Spirit of the Woods Flutes
Flute Maker: Ed Hrebec

Spiritsong Flutes Australia
Flute Maker: Matt Farmer

Spirit Wind Love Flutes
Flute Makers: Stephen DeRuby and Victoria Hopkins

Spirit Winds Flutes
Flute Makers: Tony and Debruoniva Richards

Stellar Flutes
Flute Makers: Tom or Lily Stewart

Thunderbird Flutes
Flute Maker: David Hall

Ugly Boy Flutes
Flute Maker: Bob Child

Uguna Flutes
Flute Maker: Geoff Norman

Waking Spirit Flutes
Flute Maker: Vance Pennington

Whirlwind Studios
Owners: Mac and Brigitte Lopez

White Crow Flutes
Flute Maker: Barry Higgins

Wild Horse Mountain Flutes
Flute Maker: Dr. Oliver W. Jones

Wind's Song Flutes
Flute Maker: Scott E. Loomis

Woodland Voices Flutes
Flute Maker: Colyn Petersen

Yazzie Flutes
Flute Maker: Marvin Yazzie