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Northwest Raven Spirit Ended Flute

Finest Quality, Hand Made

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Mary Youngblood playing her Northwest Raven Flute
Mary Youngblood
2 time GRAMMY award winner

Created in 'summer cut' Holly the spirit end (Bass Wood) is meticulously hand crafted and hand painted. The vibrant sound that emanates from this flute is exceptional as each note played can be felt by the players finger tips! This flute is perfectly 'balanced' so as not to be compromised by the closed end or beak.

With the 'Breath of Life' minimum breath air flow design (pioneered by Waking Spirit Flutes) this flute is ideal for both the beginner and the more experienced professional player/recording artist. The 'Breath of Life' minimum breath design enables inventive playing and longer phrasing between breath intakes.

Real loom woven glass beads, hand sewn onto quality hide add a decorative contrast to this outstanding instrument.

This instrument, along with others in this special range, are considered to be the finest Spirit Ended flutes available.

If you have any questions, please contact me at: Waking Spirit Flutes

Each flute is handcrafted from the very 'heart of the wood', so that with just the 'Breath of Life' you can make them sing.
Wood Species
'Summer cut' Holly & Bass Wood
End Cap(s) . . . more
Banding(s) . . . more
Integral Wooden
Block (Fetish or Totem or 'Bird')
Northwest style Raven pattern
Concert at 72 degrees/controlled humidity. A4=440 Hz.

6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary) Tuning

Also Available in:
5 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Traditional Modes 1 & 4 (Contemporary) Tuning - Special Order. Please email
6 hole Pentatonic 1.4 Octaves - Multimode Tuning - Special Order. Please email

All flutes can be created in Verdi tuning (A4=432 Hz). Please email for further information

(Click here for tuning charts and additional information- separate window)

Leather Ties
Finest quality, selected Deer Hide
Other Adornments
Beaded flute wrap


Price: $1,050.00