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It has always been, and will continue to be, an honor for me to create these sacred instruments that we know as Native American inspired Flutes. It is a gift that has been bestowed upon me by the Creator. It is a gift so precious that I do not take it either lightly or for granted. It is true that everything the Creator does is for a purpose - whether we, as humans, like it or not, and is in perfect harmony and balance with Mother Nature. A Native American inspired Flute must also be in harmony and balance with Mother Nature!

Contra to what many people believe creating a Native American inspired Flute that plays and reacts correctly (allowing Mother Nature to do her part - which She will do whether we want it or not) is not a modern concept. We understand these concepts today in terms of mathematics and physics. Some of the earliest known Native American inspired Flute makers who pre-date the Courting Flute era seemed to have been very much aware of this as were other flute makers from distant land masses throughout the globe. So, creating a flute using these aspects, which have been given to us by the Creator, can only be the correct path to follow.

I once asked the Creator to help me discover the secrets that lay behind creating a flute that is worthy of him and what he has guided me to do - create Native American inspired Flutes. I have since discovered through his gifts and visions, that there are no secrets - only an understanding.

In the selection of visioned 'Spirit Ended' flutes I have incorporated the understandings given me by the Creator so that each instrument, be it closed ended or half closed, will produce the notes (frequencies) the Creator expects them to produce. To do less is an insult to the very being that has bestowed this gift upon me.

The raised banding on the Spirit Ended lutes have been set precisely either side of the tuning holes and fingering holes in total respect of the understandings I have been honored with. When one is to consider that raised banding done in this way is dependant upon fingering/tuning hole placement which, in turn, is dependant upon the final finished thickness of the wall of the flute, one can wonder how these bandings can be placed during the creation of the flute body and before any holes are precisely drilled. Such is the understanding that I am so honored and privileged to have been given and share with all who play and enjoy my creations.

Vance Pennington

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